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A custom dashboard enables to display a specific set of metrics and data points on one screen. One can display applications, server, and database . One can use custom dashboards to present selected metrics for a user who only needs a relatively confined or focused view of the data. For example, an executive may only need a high-level view of system performance and activity. One can assign such users to the predefined Custom Dashboard Viewer role. Any user with a custom dashboard viewer role can view custom dashboards. Custom dashboard templates are an efficient way to showcase the same type of information for multiple tiers or nodes. One can create a dashboard in the scope of a tier or node and then use that dashboard as a template to display the same type of data for other tiers or nodes in the same application. Associating the template with a specific tier or node sets the source of the dashboard's data. Dashboard Software Development can help in terms of giving you acuity about the business through an understandable array that can be comprehended easily by your executives, managers and other employees in different departments. Due to its interactive nature, it makes reports understandable in terms of entities like- charts and graphs. It also helps in quick analysis of business without spending much time accessing in-depth details. It is a good option in terms of integrating business intelligence aspects to avenue business growth.

Custom dashboard stands out

TCC is a Custom Dashboard company that uses meticulous risk-averse migration techniques for manual and automated data extraction, cleansing, loading, verification, testing, and implementation.

We implement server migration solutions for BizTalk Server, Apache Web Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), .NET, Java & PHP frameworks, MoM, RPC, ORB, and more.

We have vast experience migrating websites to and from different web hosting platforms (Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy) and (WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace.).

We perform rapid and reliable upgrades for legacy enterprise platforms, migrating all data and business logic to new ERP, CRM, CMS, or other platforms.

We have a deep understanding of data adoption patterns, processes, and platforms to help your business manage your newly migrated cloud applications at scale.

We perform storage migration services to offer faster performance and cost-effective scalability by allowing users to access their data without changing paths or links.