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Video marketing gives impetus for building trust in potential customers for a brand. It enables brands to communicate with their audience in real-time and this can help people take further steps in their buying journey. Video provides an overall view of a product in a contextual environment which helps to better convey its features to a consumer. When a consumer understands a product better, it increases their buyer confidence and their likelihood to buy. Video allows you to be concise and capture viewers interest in the first few seconds. Social media success lies in the ability to condense information into fragments of content that is long enough to maintain viewers attention but short enough to leave them wanting more. Video marketing means using videos for promoting and conveying people about the product or service. It helps increase engagement on digital and social channels, educates the audience, and allows them to reach them with a new medium.

Be conversational

It’s important to be relatable to the audience. Nobody likes an outright sales pitch that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Even if your product fits inside a serious niche like health or law, it can still be conversational in narration.

Visually creative

Getting visually creative is key to making your product video appealing and interesting. Look for creative ways to showcase your products.

Don’t keep them guessing

Product videos aren’t meant to be mysterious so make sure the audience can tell what your product is in the end.

Incorporate your branding

The brand should be front and centre throughout your product video. It should be reflected in everything, from the story to the colours to the brand voice and tone. When people see the product they will make a connection to the brand and what it stands for.