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testersCcafe provides secure and robust software testing services for the healthcare business process which usually includes:

So rigorous testing of these kinds of applications is compulsory and it has to go through various stages of testing. Plus any error can cause a direct effect on the patient's life. So we focus on interoperability, compliance, regulatory, security, safety testing, besides regular testing techniques. (Non-Functional, Functional and Integration testing).


Telehealth, and Telemedicine

Thanks to the exponential advancement in communication technology, it has become possible for doctors and patients to connect virtually for diagnosis and treatment. Doctors can provide prescriptions to the patients online. Today, there are no scarcity of businesses that offer telehealth and telemedicine services via the web and dedicated apps. Moreover, more and more businesses are seeing the light of day in this niche. Testing is important for health care systems as any potential error can impose a significant risk on a patient’s health. Hence, it is vital to perform rigorous testing on healthcare systems.

Digital healthcare corresponds to the intersection of healthcare and technology. It aims to enhance the efficiency of healthcare services with the help of software, hardware and internet-based services. It has made it possible to fast-track the delivery of medicines and medical treatments as well as provide instant medical consultation during the direst of times.