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Performance Testing is a type of testing performed to probe how an application or software performs under workload in terms of responsiveness and stability. The Performance Test goal is to identify and remove performance bottlenecks from an application. This test is mainly performed to check whether the software meets the expected requirements for application speed, scalability, and stability. Performance testing is a crucial stage in Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), which helps to determine the reliability and behaviour of an application. In this training, Non-Functional testing concepts and its types are simplified. Performance testing training unearths a non-functional testing technique to determine the system parameters in terms of responsiveness and stability under various workloads. Conclusively this training brings the ease to comprehend how to put load on web applications. A clear idea can be gained on the latest software tools. Knowledge is attained on monitoring the application performance with the given load.

Performance Testing Online Course using JMeter course provides insight into software behaviour during workload. In this course, it is to learn how to check the response time and latency of software and test if a software package is efficient for scaling. The course helps to check the strength and analyse the overall performance of an application under different load types. In this training, an in-depth knowledge can be gained of various functionalities of JMeter to evaluate the performance of an application. One is able to check the performance of an application under different workload conditions and understand different methodologies related to the security of an application. This course is designed to help in being a certified practitioner through intensified training in the best practices for checking the efficiency of software.


To gain the confidence that the changes to the existing chat application are in line with the defined Service Level Agreement.

To ensure that the application performance, service availability, and the stability of the application are not impacted as a result of the new enhancements.

Transaction Response Times remain within the acceptable tolerance over the increasing Load profile.

JVMs show stable memory usage over the increasing load profiles.