We are hiring QA 2 years experience, PHP Developer 2 years Content Writer 1 year experience, Online Bidder 1 year experience


Various firms have tried to give momentum and optimise software testing processes with continuous releases of high-quality software but with the unfolding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) testing services has become more challenging due to the complexity involved in testing AI systems. According to a research report, it is expected that by 2025, the value of the AI market is said to surpass US $100B. As the world is converging towards increased adoption of AI-powered smart applications, there is every need for end-to-end AI systems testing to ensure fully functional and high-performing AI systems. Therefore, in order to ensure effective AI testing, TCC follows a constructive, and comprehensive testing strategy for AI testing with its tools .



Voice and NLP Text testing

API testing

UX testing

DB testing


  • Strong experience in major tools to focus on Intelligent automated testing.
  • Extensive experience in enabling CI/CD pipeline using industry tools – based on TCC-DevOps accelerator.
  • Expertise in using AI in software testing like in Test Automation with partner tools and in-house accelerators help automate and reduce the amount of mundane and tedious tasks in development and testing.