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With the help of Manual Testing Training Courses tester is able to find out the flaws, bugs in a software program. A tester performs the end-user role and validates if all the features are working appropriately. They manually execute the test cases. Manual Testing Training is the process of using the features of an application as an end-user. In this Manual Testing online Training, an individual is trained to manually execute the testing scripts without using any automated devices. Manual testing training online course with certificate is an important part where a human tester proceeds a quality check without using any automation tools. It aims to verify or disprove that the software works as expected and meets the technical and business criteria. In this module, one can learn the importance of reviews in testing, why to review and how to review? Writing effective test cases is a skill for a good tester. This module will give an in depth study to understand dynamic test cases writing technique for maximum coverage with minimum test cases.

It is useful when sudden changes are implemented and executed in any application.

It identifies the critical bug which includes visual components like layout, text, and more.

Low-cost operation compared with testing tools.

Understand fundamental concepts in software testing, including software testing objectives, processes, criterion, strategies and methods.

Understand the software testing processes and manual testing processes like Unit testing, Integration testing, system testing and regression.

Learn to plan a test project, design test cases and data, conduct testing operations, manage defects and generate test report.

Learn to write software testing documents and communicate with engineers in various forms.

Design and execute software testing activities for a testing project.